Insights and Research from Cayhill Partners
Insights and Research
As important as what we do is why we do it. We are passionate – and vastly curious – about the world of corporate reputation management and see our role as supporting clients and candidates as well as the wider corporate affairs industry. Our research addresses topics affecting the communications and wider business community and seeks to inform, engage and foster debate about topical matters.

All Cayhill Partners’ research is carried out by its principals. This means that clients have direct access to the people who actually undertook the research, giving them a primary source of intelligence and insight.

What Price Reputation
Our latest report ‘What Price Reputation: An investigation into corporate reputation management in FTSE250’ explores the challenges of corporate reputation management in the FTSE250 and how firms are managing their corporate communications capability.
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Beyond Corporate Affairs Report
Our comprehensive report ‘Beyond Corporate Affairs; How can senior communicators secure non-executive director roles to broaden their careers’ is the result of interviews with over 100 communications leaders as well as with FTSE chairmen.
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